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The Red Parrot Advantage


Quality Products

  • Red Parrot Juices are made from the finest juice concentrates. Some are pure juice products with preservatives, while others are premium blended juices or mixes. Our bar mixes are second to none in the industry.

Automatic Mixing, Chilling and Dispensing

  • Our juices require little to no premixing. They mix automatically at the dispenser, eliminating the need for mixing, storing and dispensing containers.

Product Consistency

  • The Red Parrot system serves consistent, quality tasting products every time. Air-tight containers preserve freshness and flavor, so you are always guaranteed the same great taste.

No Refrigeration - Bag N Box

  • Spoiled product is a thing of the past. All Red Parrot Juices and Mixes can be stored at room temperature. Shelf life varies by product.

No Waste

  • Use only what you need when you need it. No open cans, bottles, or pitchers lying about only to be discarded.

More Money

  • Add these key points together and what do you get? Simply put you make more money by wasting less product.



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